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Penn Hockey Club Information


Gold (Varsity team)
Black (Prep/JV team)
MHSHL – Michiana High School Hockey League which the Gold team plays in for north central Indiana - www.mhshl.club

ISHSHA – Indiana State High School Hockey Association – MHSHL is one of 5 leagues that make up the state organization - www.ishsha.com


Penn Hockey Club - a non-profit organization that is tasked with supporting and running the Penn High School Hockey club program.  The Penn Hockey Club website is www.pennhockey.com for more information

Gold team - consists of a roster of 20 to 25 players (dependent on the number of players in the Penn program).  Strive to play a minimum of 35 games per season which doesn’t include the MHSHL and State playoffs.

Black team - consists of a roster from 15 to ? players.  Penn will always continue to support a Prep team if the numbers allow for it.  Strive to play a minimum of 35 games per season, including the Prep state playoffs.  Games will be against other Prep teams around the state (or low level varsity teams) along with out of state 16U/JV teams.

Hockey Season - Off-ice workouts start in August.  Practices start in September with both teams getting at minimum two practices a week.  Games will start in late September and continue through February.  Spring hockey scrimmages are held by MHSHL in April-May for returning players and new players joining their respective programs.

Games - Gold will play most games in South Bend with travel for cross-over games/tournaments in Indiana through the season.  Black will play home/home series with other Prep teams in state along with travel to play other teams (or host them in South Bend).  The Black game schedule is similar to an IYHL travel team schedule but mostly in state.

Cost - Players fees are budgeted at $2500 for the season.  Being a non-profit club, any significant savings for the season will be returned to players as each team keeps their own separate budget.  Fundraisers held in season can help reduce the overall fees for each player.

Uniforms - Penn Hockey has a few equipment requirements for incoming players.  Gloves and helmets must be black (with a white cage or clear visor) but can be purchased by the players through any retail store.  Additional estimated costs for required items:  Jerseys - $275 ($137.50 per jersey), Socks - $54 ($27 each pair), Pants Shells ($45) and North Face Jacket with Penn Hockey logo - $130.

Fundraisers - the team(s) will hold fundraisers throughout the season to help reduce/defray the hockey costs for players.  These are normally done together through various events.

Community Service - the team(s) will participate in various community service activities during the season to support the local community and provide greater perspective on the opportunities the player’s are afforded.


The Penn Hockey Club strives to be one of the most consistent and competitive programs in the state of Indiana.  The goal is to produce a 4A level varsity team along with a solid developmental program at the Prep level to prepare players for varsity in addition to developing well-rounded student athletes.

The Gold team is chosen based on evaluations and continued performance.  Players can move up/down between Gold and Black through the first half of the season.  The Gold roster is required to be set by Dec. 31st for the remainder of the season (barring an injury call-up) by the State.  These choices are communicated between the coaches/players throughout the season.