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Penn Hockey Eval Rosters

By PHC, 05/03/21, 1:15PM EDT


Here are the rosters for the Penn Hockey evaluations.  You should attend the evaluation you are scheduled for.  Any questions should be sent to Coach Brown.   Players should bring both light and dark jerseys with them.  These are tentative (some names may get swapped due to other Penn sports events)

Tuesday, May 18th (7:50-9:05PM)
Joel Cocquyt
Brooks Clark
Jensen Lane
Remy Muessig
Noah Langness
Reilly Schramski
Ryan O’Connell
Nick Probst
Chris Pelletier
Drew Laware
Rory Redding
Curtis Oke
Bo Clark
Max Stamatovich
Lucas Cocquyt
Lucas Ritzler
Matt Savage
Matt Laware
Phillip Matous
Jacob Lee
Matt Petrie

Thursday, May 20th (8:30-9:45PM)
Colten Donze
Andrew Neely
Mckenna Dautel
John Isacson
Henry Gillin
Quinn Cocquyt
Ian Head
Tommy Limberopoulos
Mia Rhame
Jack Yewchuk
Nolan Strefling
Colin DeGroote
Dominic Jennings
Patrick Lautaru
Nathan Hoffman
Caden Daugherty
Ben Alley
Clay PIca
Nathan Morlan
Bryce Crawford
Trey Thompson
Avery Rivard
Avery Brown