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    Penn Hockey Rosters

    By PHC 08/30/2021, 8:45pm EDT

    The Penn Hockey rosters have been posted to start the Penn season.

    Please see below for the Penn rosters and note that the varsity roster is not complete/set at this time.  It will continue to fluctuate through the first half of the season as players get opportunities to compete for the Gold squad while they also play for the Black squad.


    Caden Daugherty Gold
    Lucas Ritzler Gold
    Phillip Matous Gold
    Avery Rivard Gold
    Joel Cocquyt Gold
    Ryan O'Connell Gold
    bryce crawford Gold
    Dominic Jennings Gold
    Clay Pica Gold
    Nolan Strefling Gold
    Matthew Laware Gold
    Jacob Lee Gold
    Matthew Petrie Gold
    Matthew Savage Gold
    Trey Thompson Gold
    Lucas Cocquyt Gold
    Avery Brown



    Jensen Lane Black
    Quinn Cocquyt Black
    Henry Gillin Black
    Ian Head Black
    Drew Laware Black
    Athanasios Limberopoulos Black
    Colin DeGroote Black
    Brooks Clark Black
    Colten Donze Black
    John Isacson Black
    Andrew Neely Black
    Remy Muessig Black
    Reilly Schramski Black
    Jack Yewchuk Black
    Nathan Hoffman Black
    Rory Redding Black
    Maximilian Stamatovich Black
    Noah Langness Black
    Nathan Morlan Black

    Hockey banner 3
    PennHockey1 Penn Hockey PennHockey1
    Hockey banner 3

    2020-2021 Penn High School Gold Hockey Team

    2020-2021 Penn Gold Hockey


    Craig Brown

    Craig Brown

    Gold Head Coach

    Jim  Hiss

    Jim Hiss

    Gold and Black Asst Coach

    2020-2021 Penn High School Black Team

    2020-2021 Penn Black Hockey


    John Forbes

    John Forbes

    Black Head Coach